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As of August 1, 2020, Executive Management Associates, Inc. (EMA) is no longer actively doing business. For historical reasons, this site will remain in place as long as we hold the "execman.com" domain.

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Working Capital Fund Support

EMA Strength

A Working Capital Fund organization functions like a business and follows specific guidelines for the federal government. This introduces a unique set of complexities not found elsewhere in the government or in business.

EMA’s broad background and experience with Working Capital Fund organizations gives us insight into the nature of these organizations—their goals, policies, requirements, functions, and problems. All our skills and capabilities come into play with this type of organization, as shown in the functional capabilities we offer in this area.

"EMA provides an invaluable service to DOT's Enterprise IT Security Division. EMA's advice and assistance has enabled the Division to perform its work under budget each year allowing us to provide rebates to the many customers we support."

--- IT Security Manager, DOT
Functional Capabilities
  • Budget Planning & Operations
  • Pricing & Cost Management
  • Procurement Planning & Contract Operations
  • Invoice Tracking & Analysis
  • Customer Billing & Billing Systems
  • Asset Management
  • Systems Integration
  • Strategic Planning
  • Records Management
  • Training & Documentation Support

Relevant Experience

EMA supports the full range of financial management, procurement, financial information systems and strategic planning activities outlined above. We work directly with the OCIO executives, managers and staff to define and execute requirements for major program initiatives and to assess impacts to program financial status.

We work side-by-side with our federal counterparts and managers to ensure that each WCF program offers its products and services at the best price possible, recovers its costs efficiently, tracks and reports financial information accurately, and responds to changes in priorities promptly.

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